D-Fusion® Film 800 IU

Oro-dispersible film

  • D-Fusion® Film 800 IU (orange flavour)

*IU: International Unit


Recommended dose: 1 film per day.
Always take this dietary supplement following the instructions in this leaflet.

D-Fusion® Film is a dietary supplement and cannot replace a varied and balanced diet or a healthy lifestyle.
D-Fusion® Film has been developed to compensate the vitamin D3 deficiency or to meet the increased need for this vitamin.
The oral route is problematic because of the swallowing difficulty for many patients, particularly for pediatric and geriatric patients who have fear of choking. Patient convenience and compliance-oriented research has resulted in bringing out D-Fusion® Film.
D-Fusion® Film is easy to take for all and particularly suitable for patients suffering from dysphagia.

D-Fusion® Film contain vitamin D3 that contributes to:

  • the normal functioning of the immune system;
  • normal bone structure;
  • healthy teeth;
  • normal bone growth and development in children;
  • normal muscle function;
  • normal calcium levels.

D-Fusion® Film are particularly important when there is an increased need for vitamin D3 or when the body synthesis of this vitamin is reduced, in particular:

  • during periods with little sunshine (autumn and winter). During the winter, in our latitudes, the majority of the population is confronted with a reduced formation of vitamin D
  • in the elderly, both men and women, especially when they don’t get out much, lack of sunlight reduces vitamin D reserves
  • in periods of strong growth, during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

D-Fusion® Film comes in the form of a film (film or stamp to be placed on the tongue). The great advantage is that it can be administered without water: you can let the film melt on the tongue.
This is the most effective way to achieve excellent absorption in all circumstances, even in people with absorption problems, for example after gastric or intestinal surgery. Its taste is well accepted by everyone. D-Fusion® Film is also perfectly adapted to the elderly, bedridden or chronically ill patients and dysphagic people, i.e. people who have difficulty swallowing tablets or capsules

D-Fusion® Film is presented in a box of 28 orodispersible films.
D-Fusion® Film does not contain aspartame, salt, gluten or ingredients derived from GMOs. The orodispersible films are halal and kosher.
D-Fusion® Film is a food supplement and has been produced in accordance with GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) standards.

Available in Belgium from 05/10/2020